Practice Pitching Mound

Mound Description

The AllStar #2 Pitching Mound, was designed for practice & bullpen warm up but can be used for games for pitchers through age 10. As the games continue Allstar Mounds don’t develop holes & rough spots to distract the pitcher. This mound has a thin edge all around, so it lays almost even with the field and won’t move around while the pitcher is going through his motion. Change your softball fields into baseball fields in minutes with Allstar Mounds. No maintenance is required by the park staff while tournaments are taking place.

The AllStar #2 Mound is 53” wide x 75” long x 6” high where the pitcher stands in front of the pitching rubber. The distance between the pitching rubber & the front of the mound is 50” so most 10-year-old pitcher’s front foot should land on the mound and not in the dirt. The AllStar #2 Mound is a great pitching mound to get young kids trained for pitching on a mound.

Allstar Mounds are manufactured in Dalton, Georgia with high quality fiberglass & composite materials. (no wood or Styrofoam) ALLSTAR MOUNDS will not curl up on the edges while being stored for the winter. The AllStar #2 Mound comes with green or clay Astroturf Brand 60 oz nylon turf and a 4”x18” white pitching rubber. All you need to do is place this mound on the field and you’re ready to play ball.

Allstar Mounds has a full 5-year warranty on the fiberglass mound. No warranty on the Astroturf because steel cleats can wear the turf in 1 season. Try our super strong pitching mounds and see what a difference they make for your baseball program.

For information on any of our ALLSTAR MOUNDS please call 1-800-868-0254 Or email us at For estimated shipping rates, see our “Shipping Policies” page.

Mound Specifications

  • $949.00 (Discounts for 2 & more mounds)
  • 53″ Wide x 75″ Long x 6″ High
  • Lightweight & durable (95 pounds)
  • Easy to move to any field
  • Green or Clay AstroTurf®.
  • 4″ x 18″ White Rubber Pitching Block. (Removable)
  • Pitching Rubber is 50” from front of mound
  • Improves pitchers’ control of the ball
  • Easy maintenance for park staff