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Welcome to Gulfstream® AllStar Mounds, where you’ll find the absolute best quality Portable Pitching Mounds. We build our Baseball Mounds with the highest quality fiberglass and composite materials. (No wood or Styrofoam). The back side of our Pitching Mounds are smooth with no splinters, for easy movement. We cover each AllStar Pitching Mound with 60 oz. top quality nylon Astroturf®, and mount a white pitching rubber.

About Our Mounds


Thin edges for safe play

AllStar Pitching Mounds are made with a thin edge all around so the pitchers will not turn their ankles when stepping off the mound. Our thin edge also prevents the ball from making any bad bounces if it hits the edge. Gulfstream AllStar Mounds are concaved on the bottom so the edge all around lies tight to the ground, even if the field is not groomed well. Our pitching mounds will not curl up on the edges, even if they are stored standing all winter.


One field for all leagues

AllStar Mounds are great for games, bullpen warm-ups, and practice. All you need to do is carry the mound to the center of your field and instantly convert any softball field into a baseball diamond with an appropriately sized baseball mound. Our portable pitching mounds can be moved forward and backward to make the field perfect for kids of different age groups. Gulfstream AllStar Mounds are used by many recreation departments, churches, private organizations, and personal use. We gladly furnish references, at your request. Try our super strong fiberglass pitching mounds and you’ll see the long-term difference we can make to your baseball mound program.

AllStar Mounds

AllStar Pitching Mounds are manufactured in Dalton, GA, USA with great pride since 1995 and carry a 5-year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell. No warranty on the turf. All prices are F.O.B. For more information on our unique process, call us at 1-800-868-0254.