AllStar Mounds

AllStar #6 Portable Pitching Mound *NEW*

Mound Description

The AllStar #6 portable pitching mound is made for senior league baseball (above age 16) and is our largest mound. Turn your softball fields into baseball fields in minutes and save many hours of maintenance by converting all your ball fields to AllStar Pitching Mounds. This baseball mound has a thin edge all around to protect the pitcher. Our #6 Pitching Mound is 9'x12'x10", and gives the pitcher plenty of room to work.

Our portable mounds are made with high strength industrial fiberglass, no wood or styro foam, and will last through many years of baseball games. AllStar Pitching Mounds use the highest quality nylon Astroturf® and we have 2 colors to choose from, Green or Clay. Try our fiberglass pitching mounds and see what a difference AllStar Mounds can make for your baseball program.

AllStar Mounds offers a 3 year limited warranty on the fiberglass shell of the pitching mounds. (No warranty on turf.)

AllStar Mounds is the manufacturer of top quality fiberglass products since 1989. We sell direct to you, saving you money for your baseball mound needs. For more information on this pitching mound, contact us at 1-800-868-0254 or email us at

Mound Specifications

  • $3,299.00
  • 9' W x 12' L x 10" tall
  • 60 oz. Nylon Green or Clay AstroTurf®.
  • 6" x 24" White Rubber Pitching Block. (Removable)
  • Weight: 360 lbs.